Saturday, December 26, 2009

The point?

I started this blog to discuss issues in libraries and librarianship and my accompanying interests such as reading and music appreciation. I'm currently a reference librarian at a public library in New England.

The title, Libraries aren't dead, addresses comments I've heard to the effect of, really? public libraries are still relevant? Yes, and the key is they're evolving to meet the needs of their communities. Data shows that in these tougher economic times, use of public libraries is on the rise. Unfortunately, this is occurring simultaneously with measures to reduce staff, hours, and even the operation of branch libraries because of budget crunches.

Public libraries serve equally importantly as recreational and informational hubs of their communities. In this way, they differ from academic libraries. Quiet areas for research and study are important to both types, but public libraries strive to provide entertainment as well. They can be lively and fun gathering places at times.

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  1. That statistic about higher use vs. lower funding hits the nail on the head! As someone who loves books and libraries, I look forward to following your blog.